About Top Dog Grooming Salon

Owners-Pam & Jerry Hendricks


A Top Dog owner and groomer that is dedicated to any size, shape, and breed of dogs or cats. Pam pays special attention to the different types of hair and conditions of your pet's skin so that they are properly bathed and groomed. She received her Dog Grooming Professionals Diploma from Knoxville, Tennessee. Pam is also CPR Certified by the American Red Cross, and she is a member of the International Professional Groomers (IPG).


Jerry joined the Marines when he was young and then went on to be a police officer, firefighter, and arson investigator. He also worked at State Farm™ for 38 years before he retired. Jerry enjoys helping at Top Dog Grooming Salon by answering the phones and any questions the client may have.

Our Stylists

At Top Dog Grooming Salon, we have six professional stylists who have been with us for many years. We all enjoy our customers' pets and we truly take pride in what we do.

Custom Pet Care

No dog or cat is the same. In the winter, we see lots of pets with dry skin and dandruff, so we offer different types of moisturizers and conditioners.

During the spring and fall, we see lots of pets with allergies, so we offer different types of shampoos. Summer is flea season, so we offer pesticide-free flea baths made with all-natural ingredients.


Senior citizen pets always receive special attention with us. This includes blind pets, pets with cancer, pets with arthritis, or anything related to aging. We offer special appointments to meet their needs. Call us at 309-828-1999 if you have a dog or cat that needs special care.
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